Spotlight of the Week

Name: Pat Simons

From: Lake Orion, MI

Favorite hobby: Quite a few things I like to do, just don’t get to do them anymore. Catch up on sleep, golf, and spend time outside.

Role at Hunter’s: General Manager. He keeps this place running… Shake hands and kiss babies with the customers!

What led you to working at Hunter’s?: Short time lived in California. Came back to Mt. Pleasant and started working at O’Kellys as a DJ and barback man. Hunter’s Ale House was losing their manager and was offered the position.

Favorite part about working here?: The customers.

Pick a favorite beer: You can’t ask that question to somebody who likes beer.

Favorite style of beer: Pale Ale. If a brewery has a good pale ale, they probably have some other good beers as well. It’s a base model. Complex stout and good lager or pilsner. I’m not even opposed to a bud light from time to time.

Hopes for Hunter’s in the next year: Brewery fully functioning. People enjoying the beer that we make.

Who is your biggest role model?: My Grandfather…It’s because of him I have the work ethic that I have and have excelled in every job I’ve ever held.

What is a Fun Fact about you?: I used to teach Fencing at CMU.


Candid shot from interview with Pat

Candid shot from interview with Pat

Hunter’s Ale House is in great hands with Pat. Come in for great food paired with your next favorite beer brewed at Hunter’s Handmade Brewery. Make sure to buy Pat a Pale Ale, too! Become a Mug Club member to get exclusive deals, attend “invite only” parties, and be around beer lovers like you. Ask any employee for more details. See you soon!


One thought on “Spotlight of the Week

  1. John Ayris says:

    What a great job you are doing Pat! Always enjoy our time together when ever work will permit! Keep up your great work! Thank you!


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